Albany Technical College to offer E-Commerce degree

(ALBANY, Ga)- Albany Technical College will be the first Technical College in the state of Georgia to offer a degree for those looking to create an online presence.

Starting in the Fall, the school will offer a degree in E-Commerce.

School President, Dr Anthony Parker tells us, “Well I think it’s more important that we get it right, and do it well. It’ll be an online opportunity so citizens throyghout Georgia can take advanatge of the program here.”

Market Managing Program Instructor, O’Brien Arnett tells us how important a course like this is in a day and age where not only is online shopping preferred, but more people are starting small businesses.

“In the E-Commerce Program, we want to offer people who own businesses and brick and mortar stores, to have a possibility to also understand how online sales work, so it can work with their businesses and increase sales,” says Arnett.

The E-Commerce degree will also guide students through several of the college’s programs, such as marketing, management, and even technology classes, giving them a well-rounded experience

O’Brien says, “We see the trend, and we wanted to be on top of the trend and offer this service to our students, so they have the possibility to be prepared for the work force and have the opportunity to strengthen their own businesses.”

The importance of this class going forward will mean a lot to business owners in the modern day.

Dr Parker says, “Online isn’t just for information anymore, it’s to determine where and why we buy a product.”

Registration for the E-Commerce degree is still available at Albany Technical College on Slappey Boulevard.