Albany residents discuss President Trump’s legacy

(ALBANY, GA) – Joe Biden has been officially sworn in as president. We spoke with people in Downtown Albany about the lasting legacy of President Trump.

Opinions on the 45th President ranged from those who believed he has left the country in a worse place…
“This presidency, for the four years we’ve had it, has been turmoil and turmoil, and things seem as worse as they’ve ever been,” says Rosa Malone.

To those who believe he did well as commander in chief.

John Marbury, an Albany Reupublican says, “I think it’s time to go. He’s done a great job, but I kind of think it’s over for him.”

Others believe that, despite leaving office, that Americans have not seen the last of Donald Trump in the political world.

“He’s very strong willed, I think he’s had some strong beliefs. And if he thinks he can make a difference and he’s got the support, I think he could run again,” says Bud Stoudt.

While long time Albany resident, Lola Walker says, “I think after President-Elect Joe Biden has served his term, I think that president trump will be trying to come back in.”

Some of the people we spoke to, including those who voted Trump believe that its over.

“I just don’t think he’ll have the support to do it again….I think he’s kind of burned his bridges at the end. Needed to keep that mouth shut and he didn’t,” says Marbury.

While Malone tells us, “I hope not, I don’t believe he will.”