Albany Police starts Summer Action Program to combat crime

(ALBANY, Ga)- With the Summer season in full swing, the Albany Police Department is taking extra precautions.

The department is starting their annual Summer Action Plan to curb crime in the city.

Police Chief, Michael Persley tells us, “The whole purpose for that is, there are certain people we do know that we’re looking for, whether it’s questioning or if they’ve committed a crime or something. But we want to make sure we use all available resources.”

Chief Persley says that over the coming months through the early Fall, they will be conducting special operations across the city.

With the focus being on those who are potential repeat and violent offenders.

The APD are also taking a different approach in 2019.

“In the past, and we’re talking about the past 10-15 years, it’s been moreso just putting people out on the street and hoping to get results. We’re not hoping to get results, there’s certain results we’re looking for when we send these officers out,” says Chief Persley.

With the increased police presence around the city, Chief Persley wants to make sure the right people are behind bars.

The chief says, “It’s not about the numbers of people put in jail, but you got to make sure it’s the right people.”

Chief Persley says the plan will run through the early Fall.