Albany ministry calling for city to come together for Day of Prayer

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Courtesy: Jesus Saves All Ministry

(ALBANY, GA) – A faith based ministry is calling for all Albany churches, city leaders, and business owners to take some time to pray for their city.

Jesus Saves All Ministry founder, Tarlita McCrary says that now more than ever, Albany needs a sense of solidarity.

She tells us, “I believe that when we all come together, the Chief of Police, the mayor, the commissioners, and the pastors, if we come together as a body, the City of Albany will heal and we’ll be delivered and set free.”

McCrary and her ministry are calling on these people on Saturday, September 19th to take an hour out of their day to pray for the healing of Albany.

Though for all parties that are going to be involved, the ministry is asking that they observe social distancing guidelines.

“We don’t want a mass of people everywhere, so if people are just staying in front of their churches, in front of their businesses, and in front of their homes to pray for their community,” says McCrary

Between the struggles of the pandemic and the constant crime going on in Albany, McCrary, like many pastors fears that their congregations could be losing faith.

That’s why they’re hoping this Day of Prayer will instill hope for the city.

McCrary says, “People need hope, and one thing that’s so important is that people need to know that somebody loves you and somebody cares. And as long as i know that somebody cares, i can make it a little further.”

For more information about the Day of Prayer, you can reach the Jesus Saves All Ministry at (229)-462-3028