Albany hotels filling with Dorian evacuees

(ALBANY, Ga)- Despite the Labor Day Weekend coming to a close, many of Albany’s hotels will see an influx in guests during the week as many are fleeing from coastal communities set to be impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

Jeanne McKillop from Ormond Beach Florida tells us, “I didn’t fare so well during Hurricane Matthew. So I knew I wasn’t gonna fare so well with this storm.”

McKillop is one of thousands of people who left a coastal community as hurricane dorian continues up the Eastern Seaboard.

In the City of Albany though, many of the local hotels are booked for evacuees from the coast.

“We’re giving them the best love and respect that we can give them coming from this hurricane. We’re praying for them and for things to get better so they can go back home and be safe and things work out better for them and also us, for being here for them and having their backs,” says Country Inn and Suites Housekeeping Supervisor, Angela Martin.

Many of the rooms in hotels across the city are already booked for evacuees, like Jeanne who left days earlier.

“I came two days prior to most people who are evacuating. So again, the thought was that it’s a safety issue,” says McKillop.

Martin tells us, “I hope that they make it safely here, and we’ll be able to accommodate them with whatever they need. We’ll pray for them, and continue to hope that they’ll be doing fine and well.”

In a statement from Holiday Inn’s Corporate Office, a representative says, “We are actively monitoring Hurricane Dorian and are in contact with IHG hotels in the storm’s projected path. To ensure that we’re providing the highest level of hospitality for those seeking relief and comfort from the storm, all IHG hotels in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland are welcoming pets free of charge and waiving hotel room cancellation fees during the impacted timeframe.”