Albany family continues search for missing special needs pet

(ALBANY, GA) – Toot may seem like any other house-pet to some, but to Ariana Thomas, Toot is a vital part of her and her family’s lives.

That’s because Toot is a therapy dog

She tells us, “I suffer from depression, anxiety, and also ADHD growing up. Ever since she was born, she’s been the love of my life.”

Ariana says Toot went missing during last week’s thunderstorms, and life hasn’t been the same since.

“I have been depressed ever since she was gone. We’ve done all we can to put out posters, flyers, and asked around. I was devastated,” says Thomas.

Her brother, Aaron has been searching throughout the neighborhood too , hoping to bring Toot home.

He says, “In my spare time, I’ve gone out to try and look for her around the apartments, and we’ll try to look for her. And if nothing shows up that day, we’ll keep trying, given another chance.”

For Arianna and her family, they’re asking for any help in locating Toot as the search continues.

“I just hope that y’all bring her home, please. I feel like my whole family’s suffering right now because of her loss, and i’m just praying to god…,” says Ariana.

If you know where Toot can be found, you can contact Ariana at 229-903-0620 or her mother at 229-328-5627.

A reward is being offered for Toot’s safe return.