Albany community speaks up at Gang Task Force meeting


(ALBANY, Ga)- More than a hundred people, including members of law enforcement were in attendance for the monthly Albany Gang Task Force meeting Thursday morning.

“Because this is community concern. It has always been a community concern. So recently with what we’ve had, there’s a lot of issues that have been happening and challenging our community,” says Albany Police Chief, Michael Persley.

In addition to law enforcement speaking out, public officials representing the school and legal systems as well as the Georgia Bureau of Investigations told those in attendance what they’re trying to do.

G.B.I. Special Agent, Joe Chestnut told the crowd, “We’re collaborating with Albany and Dougherty County leaders about how we have been working here in the last few months. We’ve worked several cases with the gang unit here. We’ve had a lot of ongoing investigations with the gang unit here. There’s a lot of intelligence gathering going on now.”

As well, plenty of concerned citizens, such as Brittany Jackson, the founder of a group called Si We Can spoke up in the packed house.

Jackson says, “Being here today, we all heard different scenarios, different reasons that we’re losing our children and our youth to the streets and gangs. So I’m listening to what can be done, the errors that need to be corrected, and what as a village, we can do to change it.”

However, the biggest point of view came from former gang leader, Colby Carol.

Carol tells us, “The city doesn’t have a full comprehension as to the gang issue going on in the city. They don’t fully comprehend the reason that a person would join a gang.”

The next official Gang Task Force meeting will be held on Thursday, September 26th.