Albany City Commission to decide on change to nightclub hours

(ALBANY, GA) – Last call may be coming sooner for bars and clubs in the City of Albany. Under the city commissions ruling, bars could be required to shut down earlier.

The new ruling would see last call move from 4 A.M to 2:45, with bars closing at 3:15

City Commissioner, Jon Howard says it’s a public safety matter.

“We’re not trying to penalize any of the owners of these nightclubs. But we just want to make sure our city is safe after hours, not just for those who are out, but those in the surrounding neighborhoods also,” says Howard.

But for Sandtrap Lounge owner, Gilbert Udoto, he says that the ruling would be problematic for both employees and patrons.

He tells us, “The employees won’t get enough hours. You could just imagine with all the clubs in Albany, that’s 1,000 people got just got their hours cut.”

Udoto says that owners like him have been given a chance to speak up against the stigma that the clubs are a major factor for violence in the city, and he’s confident the city will keep the hours the same after hearing them out.

“After listening to us, i think they know we need to keep the same hours. We need to stay from four to five for cleanup so we can be ready for the next day,” says Udoto.

The city commission could make a decision as soon as the next commission meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd.