Albany City Commission to decide on alcohol delivery

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(ALBANY, GA) – Your favorite drinks could be making their way to your front doorstep in the near future after the state approved the idea of alcohol delivery.

For some restaurant owners in the City of Albany, it could help with their re-opening efforts.

“They’re still capturing only 50-60 percent of their business back. They’re not at full capacity, and to get that bottom line up, they have strict guidelines to follow, and they’re searching for ways to be able to keep their doors open,” Says Ward 3 City Commissioner, B.J. Fletcher.

The legislation regarding home alcohol delivery was approved during the Summer and would approve deliveries from restaurants, but package sales as well.

Some city commissioners have voiced their concerns about the largely untested legislation.

Ward 5 commissioner, Bob Langstaff says, “I think that we’re interfering with the free market, and if the governor sees fit to allow it statewide, then I think that we ought to let those who participate, whether it’s grocery stores or what, i think we should let them do it.”

There is though, a general consensus among commissioners that home alcohol delivery, the new measure could help to cut down on the number of duis given out on the road.

But commissioners still want to see some results before they come to a decision.

“We need to do this in a mindset that we are studying or trying to research what the problems may be, and not do it, and just deal with the consequences after we vote,” says Ward 6 Commissioner, Demetrius Young.

The City Commission will meet to decide at the next meeting on Tuesday, October 27th.