Albany Boys and Girls Club starts 3rd annual Water Safety Program

(ALBANY, Ga)- More than a hundred kids were at the Thornton Community Pool in East Albany Tuesday morning for the 3rd annual Water Safety Camp with the Boys and Girls Club of Albany.

Chief Operations Officer for the B&G Albany Branch, Sherrie Maxwell says, “Wherever there’s standing water, whether it’s an inch or three fett, a person can drown in that. So it’s very very important. Whether we have official pools or not, we just want to keep our kids safe.”

The four day camp gives kids ages 5-9 the chance to learn how to swim, whether they’re taking a dip in the public pool or one day going down the Flint River.

They’re learning with the help of trained lifeguards like Vincent Hollis who’s been a trained lifeguard for more than 20 years.

“There are some who are learning from scratch or the very beginning, and there are some who already know. So that way we can kind of polish their skills and move from beginners and we can watch them flourish,” says Hollis.

With the turnout getting larger every year, it’s a plus for the Boys and Girls Club.

Albany Area Director, Ana Baggiano tells us, “It’s really incredible to have this many number of children at the pool learning water safety. Becoming comfortable in the water, and learning how to be safe by themselves and with one another.”

The program will close out on Friday, June 14th.