Albany and Dougherty County suspend EOC COVID-19 operations

(ALBANY, GA) – Albany and Dougherty County officials met Thursday to make a major announcement: that they would be closing the Emergency Operations Center for COVID-19 as well as suspending task force conferences.

Albany Fire Chief, Cedric Scott says that with a major decline in COVID-19 cases in the community, that now was the time to EOC suspend.

He tells us, “We have that base that we established in march of last year, that framework is together, and we can call everyone back if we need to.”

While the Emergency Operations Center is closed and the task force will no longer be meeting with the public, Chief Scott says that the county isn’t at the finish line yet; and should things worsen, city and county officials will re-evaluate the decision.

“We’re still vigilant, COVID-19 is still a serious matter that we need to pay attention to. Watch the numbers, encourage our citizens to continue to be safe,” says Chief Scott.

Chief Scott says that at this time, around 29 percent of Dougherty County residents are fully vaccinated.