After years of suffering kidney failure, Albany mom receives new kidney

Santana Graham has been waiting to receive a new kidney since 2017 when she was diagnosed with kidney failure. June 14th she finally received the call from Emory she's been so desperately waiting on.

ALBANY, Ga. – After years of searching, Santana Graham finally received a kidney. We first introduced you to Santana back in February after a post on Facebook began making its rounds for support in the journey of finding Graham a new kidney.

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Santana was diagnosed with lupus in 2008, a disease where your body’s immune system attacks its own tissue and organs. There are various related health conditions that occur in the body. For Santana, it was kidney failure.

Graham reflects on when she received a call from Emory about a kidney being available for her.

“She said that Santana I just want to let you know that we got you a kidney.” said Graham. “I couldn’t function, I kept asking her ‘can you say that again?’ I just couldn’t believe it, like I really couldn’t believe it.”

Graham has been waiting to hear those main words since her diagnosis half a decade ago. Although Santana now has a new transplanted kidney, some challenges remain.

“I have my days, like some days better than others. The pain is, it can get real bad.” said Graham.

And now, she remembers her faith.

“I mean I’m so happy, I got what I wanted, what I prayed for, what I begged for, and what my family, my church family. Like everybody had been praying for it for me also.” said Graham.

When South Georgia Television News Reporter  Quinlan Parker and Santana last spoke, Graham simply wanted to “have her life back” and to be there for her daughter Saniyah; a budding Monroe High basketballer.

“She’s more happy for me, than I may be for myself because she knows, ‘oh mama’s gonna be there.’ Like I said before every time I look in her eyes in the morning, I can’t give up.” said Graham.

For those dealing with their own health crisis, Santana has this advice.

“Don’t never give up. Don’t give up on GOD number one, because he does answer prayers. Even when you doubt yourself, he’s gone be there.” said Graham.

Santana is currently in Atlanta recovering, and has about a month before she can return home; and thank all those in the community for their kind words, support, donations, or whatever contributions were made.