AFD dispels Facebook rumor about hand sanitizer

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(ALBANY, GA) – You’ve probably seen on Facebook the warnings about leaving hand sanitizer in your car during the Summer and the potential for it to damage your car.

The Albany Fire Department says that these claims are not likely to happen despite the alcohol content of hand sanitizer.

Battalion Chief, Kelly Harcrow says that leaving hand sanitizer in direct sunlight in a car will not lead to combustion despite it being flammable.

He says, “The benefit of having it with you and having the ability to sanitize your hands, especially now with the pandemic, far outweighs any problem you’d have leaving it in your car. But just be mindful that it is flammable, and you want to take precautions with it and make sure you don’t put it around a direct flame.”

Chief Harcrow says the only problem with leaving it in direct sunlight would be warping the bottle.