Abandoned Camilla nursing home one of the most endangered sites in U.S.

(CAMILLA, GA) – The Georgia B Williams Nursing Home in Camilla, once a health center for women of color in the Jim Crow era now holds a new distinction: being one of the most historically endangered sites in the United States.

Jacquelyn Briscoe is granddaughter of Beatrice Borders, who founded the home has been leading the restoration project to save it.

She tells us, “This is a history that really needs to go on, to show that it was the only place of a hospital that women had to come. Because in that day, women didn’t get medical service.”

Briscoe says the Georgia B Williams house delivered over 6,000 children during its time in the mid 20th century, with many living from Mitchell to Dougherty County.

Briscoe’s own son, Stephen has memories of the house and continues to maintain the property, but they need help with the restoration.

“It was just people helping people, and right now, we really need the support of the community, and the support of the area, because we’re kind of on a timeline. The City of Camilla has been gracious enough to give us a time period…,” says Stephen.

Jacquelyn tells us, “We have been working through the organization, trying to get it rehabilitated, or restored so that it can be used again in the community.”

As the restoration project hopes to protect the legacy of the Georgia B. Williams house and what it represent, they hope to get it off the list of endangered historical sites.

“I think it’s worth the world knowing that this center is a part, not only of Black American history, but this center is a part of America’s history,” says Jacquelyn.

If you’re interested in supporting the restoration project, you can learn more from the group’s website.