Georgia Department of Public Health warns of fast flu season

(ALBANY, GA)- After a short flu season in 2018, this year’s rendition is already moving faster.

In fact, it’s the quickest a flu season’s started in more than 15 years.

District Health Director for the Department of Public Health, Dr. Charles Ruis says, “Throughout the state of Georgia, you don’t have to go far to find the flu. Those statistics don’t necessarily indicate the severity of the flu in any given community, but it’s scattered around the state”

In Dougherty County, the Department of Public Health had been seeing flu cases as early as August.

In a tweet sent out by the CDC, the entire Southeast U.S. is considered to be the biggest hot-bed for the flu.

Doctor Ruis tells us, it could be as bad as 2017’s flu season, and that it’s impacted by the flu season in Australia.

“We can commonly look at Australia, and predict several months in advance what kind of season we’re gonna have. So we’re expecting a bad flu season,” says the Distrct Health Director

The Department of Public Health wants to make sure to still get your flu shots if you haven’t already.

Dr Ruis says,“So it’s important for our community to be vaccinated, but it’s also important for people who come down with the flu, to try and stay away from the vulnerable population…”

If you haven’t received your flu shot yet, you can get it at any county public health department.