Tifton ups fire rating

City of Tifton’s ISO rating is now a Class 2 for fire protection

TIFTON, GA – The Tifton Fire Department is proud to announce that following their recent ISO inspection, the City of Tifton’s P.P.C. rating has improved from a three (3) to a two (2) which will go into effect September 2022.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) rates municipal fire protection services on a scale from one to ten with one being the highest and ten the lowest. All fire departments are inspected regularly to evaluate the departments capabilities, readiness, and records. More specifically, areas are evaluated through the PPC (Public Protection Classification) to determine the level and quality of the City’s fire protection in the community such as Emergency Communications, Training Performed, Water Supply and Community Risk Reduction. For more information on those areas, please

visit www.isomitigation.com.

Tifton Fire Department was assigned a split rating of Class 2/2X in the new score. The first number represents the classification of properties within five miles of a fire station and within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant or creditable water source. The second number (2X) applies to properties within five miles of a fire station but beyond 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant or creditable water source. We have only one residence that is a 2X.

This is very exciting for the City of Tifton residents as this improved rating may be used by insurance companies as a criterion in establishing rates for property insurance. It is recommended that each homeowner check with their own insurance carrier to see how this may affect their policy.

“This is a monumental day for Chief Bennett and the entire Fire Department team who have worked tremendously hard over the last year to achieve such a score’ says Pete Pyrzenski, City Manager. “This is proof that each member of this department takes great pride in the level of service provided to our citizens and demonstrates their level of commitment from all involved”. Chief Bobby Bennett stated “The fire department has worked diligently to seek a reduction in our score and we are excited about the positive reflection it has on our City, but, more importantly that it may provide a reduced insurance benefit to property owners throughout the City”.

For more information, please contact the Main Station at 229-391-3972.