Tennessee Titans fullback returns to Lee County

Tory Carter back in Leesburg as he hosted his first annual youth camp

LEESBURG, GA – Over the weekend, former Lee County Trojan and current Tennessee Titans fullback, Tory Carter, visited his old stomping grounds for his first youth camp.

“I’ve always wanted to have a youth camp since I went to random camps as a kid in Valdosta,” Carter said. “I’m blessed to be in a position to be able to host my own, so it’s fulfilling, and I think the kids are out here having a blast.

“As a young child myself, I was inspired by older football players, and now I’m just trying to be that inspiration day in and day out.”

And of course, the kids had a good time as well.

“I learned how to run, tackle, and catch the ball,” one camper said.

Another said he learned that football is more fun than he originally thought, while another said he learned how to be a better running back.

Carter did not specify when the next camp would be, but said to expect it in Trojans territory some time next year.