Ryan Duke Murder Trial: Jurors presented with Duke’s confession

Duke confessed to Special agent Jason Shoudel in February of 2017 that he murdered Grinstead.

OCILLA, Ga. –  On Thursday in Irwin County, the state was finally able to present their most significant piece of evidence. Ryan Duke’s confession to killing Tara Grinstead.

The bone-chilling audio and video recordings were finally shown to the jurors after they were excused Wednesday as the state and defense worked through redactions that took up the rest of the afternoon.

“I can’t lie, I can’t live with myself, I’m sick of this stuff.” said Ryan Duke back on February 22, 2017

Which is the reason why Duke said he came forward to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) to confess in the death of Grinstead.

Duke recalls the night he says he broke into Grinstead’s house, claiming he was drunk and high.

“I was stealing from her purse and she snuck up on me and I hit her.” said Duke.

Duke made that confession at the Ocilla Police Department to special agent Jason Shoudel who was the lead agent on the case.

Duke told Shoudel that he would go around breaking into people’s home’s to steal money.

“I’ve been drinking, I was high, I don’t remember everything clearly.” said Duke.

Duke’s confession made back on February 22, 2017 began as an audio recording, and was then recorded in the format of a video.

“If you have the capability of a video camera, why did you not set that up to begin with? ” asked State attorney J.D. Hart. “I really didn’t know what we were going to get.” Shoudel answered.

During this week the state presented other key pieces of evidence such as Tara’s answering machine which had a call from a pay phone; and the latex glove found in front of her home.

“I had called, I was hoping she was okay.” said Duke to agent Shoudel. “How did you call? What did you do?” asked Shoudel. “From a pay phone.” Duke answered.

“I know there were some gloves at the house, is that gonna have your DNA on it?” asked Shoudel. “It should, they were mine.”

The defense is arguing that Ryan was coerced into this confession by Bo Dukes and was allegedly intoxicated.

During Agent Shoudel’s testimony he said he interacted with Duke’s for approximately 4 hours.

Shoudel was questioned by State attorney J.D. Hart about Ryan’s demeanor February 22, 2017.

“So what did you mean when you said drugs and alcohol earlier?” asked Hart. “I asked him whether or not if he was under any influence of any alcohol or drugs prior to the interview.” said Shoudel. “And what was his response?” asked Hart. “He said that he had taken a pain pill earlier that morning.” Shoudel answered.

“Did you ask him based on the fact that he told he had taken a pain pill, if he felt like that was affecting his ability to think or process?” asked Hart. “I did ask him that.” Shoudel said. “What was his response? Hart asked. “He said he fully understood what we were there, what was going on.” said Shoudel.

Jurors were also shown video of Ryan Duke trying to show GBI agents where he and Bo Dukes “cremated” Grinstead’s body, at the Fitzgerald Farms in Ben Hill County.

After combing through the area, investigators were able to find and recover human fragments that were linked to Grinstead’s body.

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