New semi-pro basketball team hits the Good Life City

Albany Good Life


ALBANY, GA – The Good Life City catchphrase in Albany was so good, it had to have a semi-pro basketball team named after it.

Meet the Albany Good Life, a team that was rebranded in October last year after it was originally disbanded over 10 years ago. But with a new idea and vision to keep the team around for good, PR director, Yaz Johnson, and others pitched the team team to the Albany commission to let them know this group is here to stay.

“Albany is a basketball city,” Johnson said. “We had a semi-pro basketball team before, but to bring it back, the camaraderie of ideas came together to make it happen. So tryouts were done, and a team was born.”

You might recognize some of the guys on the team as it consists of players who are from the area. They play nine games in their inaugural season against teams from Alabama and Florida, and are currently sitting at 8-1 this year.

All their home games have been at Robert Cross Middle School’s gym, where fans can come out and support the semi-pro squad. There’s even an opportunity for local businesses to come out and give away prizes.

But it’s not just about basketball for the Albany Good Life.

“We’re going to be more engaged in the community,” Johnson said. “We’re going to be visiting schools, talking to kids, reading books, visiting nursing homes, and cleaning up the community. We’re going to be doing a lot of engaging with the community because if there’s no community, there’s no us.”

The team will compete in the Final Four, which will take place in early March at the Good Life’s home court. All the information about the team – as well as updates about the games – will be on their Facebook page by searching Albany Good Life.