Neighbor finds handicapped woman dead in her apartment

A handicapped woman has been found dead after her landlord failed to turn on the electricity


ALBANY,GA-  July 29, 2022, a handicapped woman has been found deceased in her apartment located on the corner of the 1100 block of South Cleveland Street and Holloway Avenue.

Dougherty County Coroner Michael Fowler told South Georgia Television the victim is a 58 year-old caucasian woman. She was found dead in her home by a neighbor around 8:30 Friday morning. The Coroner will not disclose the name of the deceased until he is able to contact her family.

The neighbor who found the victim wishes to remain anonymous, but was willing to speak on the events that took place.

She says, “I came home this morning and I had went over there to check on her because I found that she had moved in last night so I had took her a fan. So when I went and knocked on the window, it was no movement. So I knocked on the window and called her name, ‘Miss Linda! Miss Linda!’ no movement. So I knocked on her neighbors door. The neighbor came out and the knocked on the door, or well knocked on the window, no movement. So I called the paramedics and they came and said she was dead. but it was hot in there. I know it was too hot and she was an elderly lady”

The “Good Samaritan” neighbor says the deceased was dropped off by a caregiver on Thursday who never returned. She also mentions it took paramedics about 40 minutes after being called to arrive at the scene.

“The caregiver came by dropped her off and never came back yesterday! And she didn’t have any electricity so that was bad on that part. They shouldn’t have had that lady in that house. But it also took the police and ambulance forever to get her and into that house. Took them about 40 minutes to get to that lady this morning” she said.

Coroner Fowler said the victim was handicapped to a wheelchair and although she had access to running water, the landlord never cut on the electricity. Therefore, she did not have air-conditioning in the midst of a very hot South Georgia summer.

The same neighbor who found the woman believes the woman’s death is due to the landlord’s irresponsibility.

“When the rent people got the rent money they should have made sure that the house was right for whoever was getting it” says the neighbor. “Because they were building a ramp so they knew that the house was for the elderly. So they should have did better about that.”

The Coroner explained the death was likely heat related along with other underlying health conditions. The anonymous neighbor says the victim was unable to refrigerate her insulin due to being without electricity.

The neighbor explain “she said she took insulin. So I had took her some snacks, I had took her some tuna and gave her some juice because she said she hadn’t ate all day. But she said she had took her shot, but it wasn’t refrigerated at the temperature it was supposed to be. and she didn’t make it to this morning. It’s sad she moved in yesterday about one o’clock and didn’t make it to one o’clock today.”

Many neighbors and members of the neighborhood told me that the deceased had not even began to unpack her belongings and she was waiting for her caregiver to return to help. I was told neighbors had not seen anyone return to the house since the victim was dropped off.

“Everything was still packed up in boxes when they took her away this morning.” said an anonymous neighbor.

A man who was building the ramp for the victim stated “I still plan to finish this ramp in case someone else moves in who needs it. But somebody need to be sued for leaving that poor woman in this hot house with no A-C.”

Other members of the apartments say they have tried to contact the landlord but have not been successful. Coroner Fowler says this incident is ruled an on going investigation and the cause of death will not be determined until the autopsy results come back.

Updates to come as soon as more information is delivered.