Murder hornets a non-issue for Georgia beekeeper


ALBANY, Ga – Asian giant hornets are buzzing all over social media  due to the fear that a potentially dangerous invasive species has arrived in North America. But the president of a beekeepers club here in Southwest Georgia says these “murder hornets” are not a threat to the state.

“The murder hornet, it has a name but really, they murder beehives,” says SOWEGA Beekeepers Club president Jim Tippins.

The killer hornets aren’t particularly aggressive towards humans, but they can destroy an entire beehive in just hours.

That’s a lot of bees.

“Between 20,000 and 60,000 bees per hive.”

But Tippins says that these honey bees wouldn’t just sit back and watch the carnage.

“The way they defend against it is they corner the hornet in the corner and they all pile on top of him and basically suffocate or heat him to death.”

Murder hornets haven’t been found anywhere outside of Washington State and until that happens tippins says he has other things to worry about in regards to the safety of bees.

“You gotta understand beekeeping is agricultural so the same things that can hit a farmer, you know?”

Like farmers Bee keepers have to worry about pesticides, disease and severe weather.

Tippins says he lost a significant amount of bees due to Hurricane Michael.