Lorenzo Heard sworn in as Dougherty County’s first African American Commission Chairman

ALBANY, Ga. – The Dougherty County Commission has a new chairman. Citizens packed the Rutha Mae Harris Auditorium at Monroe High School for a front row seat to history.

Sunday night Lorenzo Heard was officially sworn in as the first African American to hold the position as Dougherty County Chairman. We talked with Heard after the ceremony about some of his plans going in this new year. As far as how the chairman is feeling.

“A little numb, trying to feel it at the moment.” said Chairman Heard.

The reverend turned politician shared a few things he’s looking to accomplish now the holds the gavel.

“The things I want to accomplish, one is to build a consensus who are already there. One, hear what is in their heart. What do our citizens want in order to grow Albany-Dougherty County together.” said Heard.

The chairman says he wants to see Dougherty County become a leading county.

“Not just in the State, but to ultimately become a model leading county in the country.” said Heard.

That same vision and passion, inspiring longtime Congressman Sandford Bishop.

“I was very impressed with the fact that he said it’s not about him, it’s about all of us.” said Bishop. “I’m very, very inspired. I was inspired by this instillation service, of the swearing in because it just revealed the humility and the commitment that the chairman has to growing Dougherty County.”

You can watch the full swearing-in ceremony below courtesy of Greater 2nd Mt. Olive Baptist Church.