How the Atlanta Hawks honor MLK Day

Atlanta Hawks played their 32nd MLK Day game Monday night against the Miami Heat

ATLANTA – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has been celebrated in sports – specifically basketball – for decades dating back to 1986 when the holiday was first recognized.

New York Knicks legend, Patrick Ewing, scored his 15,000th career point on this day in 1994, becoming the first and only Knick to do so.

Damian Lillard set the record for most points scored on MLK Day with 61 back in 2020.

And we’d also see incredible matchups between Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers, and Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018.

But King’s life and legacy began in his birthplace of Atlanta, where the Hawks have played a game on his day annually since 1994.

But it’s more than just a game for the Hawks.

Last year they unveiled the new MLK wall, decorated half court to fit the theme, and wore Nike Edition MLK jerseys that they’d wear 10 times throughout the season.

Prior to the game, they’d also host a panel called ‘Advancing the Legacy: Realizing the Dream’ which focuses on building generational wealth.

The Hawks hosted and defeated the Miami Heat 121-113 this year, improving to 22-10 all time on MLK Day games.