Former Dooly County head football coach issues exclusive statement to South Georgia TV

On Tuesday, Ashley Harden learned of a meeting that was held without his knowledge. Allegedly, school administration and players gathered to discuss his future. According to coach Harden, he met with the superintendent of schools and asked to be reassigned. Harden was hired as the head football coach back in April but according to him, his presence has been met with much resistance by members of the faculty and community. He described the work environment as very hostile. Harden felt it was best for all parties involved for him to just resign and leave the district before the start of the season. But, the Dooly County School Superintendent, Dr. Craig Lockhart, and a board member, urged him to stay, claiming things would get better. Harden felt that the basic needs required for a successful football program were not being met after many empty promises by the administration.

“In order for me to do my job properly and be successful,  there are certain tools and expectations that must be met. “We didn’t have our players in weight training class, I had to struggle to order basic items we needed for the program, taking kids to camp, getting the field house cleaned and sanitized (the conditions were deplorable) by custodial staff and the list goes on. I was once told we did not have any money in the athletic account to order shorts for the team, only to find out from the bookkeeper there was plenty of money in the athletic account. Last Friday was the capstone. After not receiving Hudl sideline, which was supposed to be ordered during the summer, we needed to use a camera from the technology department, but the teacher would not give the film guy a SD card to record.  So I had to request a copy of the game from our opponent (Worth County). After that game I knew I did not have the support of  the administration and couldn’t remain the Head coach at Dooly County.”

Quinnen Peavy will serve as the Interim Head Coach at Dooly County for the remainder of the season. Dooly County will take on Fitzgerald later tonight.