Crisp Regional Hospital sees positive COVID-19 trends, begins to schedule elective surgeries

CORDELE, Ga. – Hospital officials at Crisp Regional say that they are seeing a decrease in positive COVID-19 cases and fewer people are coming into the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms.

Because of this the hospital will begin scheduling elective surgeries and shifting to a new normal.

“I think for us to expect to get back to normal prior to COVID is probably not going to happen even for maybe from here on out,” says Chief Nursing Officer April Dukes.

Although what was once considered normal might be gone, the hospital is trying to shift to a new normal now that the worst of the pandemic seems to have passed.

At their peak, the hospital was caring for 19 intubated patients.

Today, there are 9.

And although recovered patients are leaving the hospital, some COVID-19 procedures are staying.

Things like: masked faces, gloved hands, handy disinfectant, extensive cleaning and open air screenings.

But one thing the hospital does think it’s ready to bring back from the not-so-distant past, is elective surgeries.

“Those things that patients need to have taken care of we want to go ahead and start taking care of them now,” Dukes says gradually scheduling for surgeries will help the hospital proactively maintain itself, “If we wait to open up surgery when we’re completely COVID-free, we will be overwhelmed with too many surgeries that need to be done all at one time so we want to start that service back at a safe pace in a very safe and very clean environment.”

If you’ve been putting off an elective surgery because of COVID-19 concerns, you can call your physician or the hospital to you about putting you on the books.

Dukes says incoming patients going to the hospital for elective surgery shouldn’t fear contracting the virus by coming into the hospital and that “intense” cleaning is done regularly to ensure patient safety.