Crisp County football is using spring ball as a learning tool

Crisp County Football Is Using Spring Ball As A Learning Tool

As high school football fans are well aware, spring football is underway for just about every school in the peach state. Our latest stop is in Cordele, with Crisp County football.

And the Cougars have a new head coach this season. Formerly with Cedar Grove, Miguel Patrick was hired by Crisp at the end of January. If you remember Patrick and his Saints defeated the Cougars for the 2019 AAA state title. But he’s wearing blue and gold now, and taking things slowly.

“The first thing is, we didn’t want to jump into pads this soon for the simple face of safety reasons. Guys are not used to how we practice yet, we didn’t want to get anybody hurt in the spring. That’s one reason. Another thing is we are trying to get them acclimated to the scheme. And it helps us learn because we can slow things down, and they’re not worried about tackling or getting tackled, stuff like that.”

Spring ball is a time for evaluation, especially when you’re brand new. Patrick’s main goal is to learn the strengths and weaknesses of his new squad. His up-tempo practices deliver many teachable moments.

“Organized chaos. It’s going to be fast, it’s going to be furious. But it’s going to be real organized. Everything will be on a timer. Everybody will know where they are supposed to be at what time. Everybody will be getting coached up. You will see very few people just standing around, not getting coached up.”

So far, the returning players are receiving the new staff very well.

“They brought great energy in. Everybody is listening well. We’re doing good as a whole coming off the loss of our coaches and everything, but we’re doing good so far. We’re doing real good.”

One key element for Crisp, will be getting production from younger players. The Cougars graduated a special senior class that featured four division one players.

“We got a lot of new guys coming up. A lot of young scouts, they are going to be straight. They getting everything together, looking well, trying to grind in the weight room, trying to get right. They’ll be ready for this upcoming year.”

The young guys aren’t the only ones with a learning curve. Returning players must also understand the new offensive and defensive schemes.

“It’s rolling good, but it’s a little slow right now because we just started. It will take a little time, we got some young offensive lineman, but they’re picking up the pace right now.”

We can see Crisp County in action at the end of June, when they’ll host a few teams for joint padded practices. In Cordele, I’m Nate Smith, for South Georgia TV.