Boyfriend of E. Oglethorpe shooting victim speaks up

(ALBANY, GA) – It’s been more than two months since 21 year-old, Taneka Walker was killed in a drive-thru shooting on East Oglethorpe Boulevard. Now her boyfriend is speaking up about finding her killer.

“Se had just ordered some food, and that’s when some shots rang out and we got shot at,” that’s what Isaac James Jr recalls from December 23rd: the night he and Walker were the victims in a drive-by shooting at an East Oglethorpe Wendys.

Walker would pass away from her injuries early the next morning.

Isaac tells us, “She pretty much meant the world to everyone she had dealings with. A lot of folks were hurt from this. This is really tragic.”

He’s still wondering why he and Taneka ended up as targets.

“there’s really nothing bad that can be said about her from anybody. Anyone she ever had contact with, even if it was for five or ten minutes, they just knew she was a good person. She was an angel,” says James.

Walker’s family is set to address the community Friday morning, and James is hoping, much like the family that their plea will give them the closure they need in her death.

He says, “We need that closure to move forward with this. It’s really hard dealing with this and not knowing why it happened.”

Walker’s family will be making their plea to the community to find the suspects involved Friday morning at 10.