Beyond the Whistle- Episode 5- Monroe Golden Tornadoes

Monroe QB's battle it out in a quarterback challenge, Lacey Herring opens up about himself and his QB dynamic.

ALBANY, GA- Going into week five, you all voted Monroe vs. Randolph Clay as the game of the week!

I went Beyond the Whistle with Monroe head coach, Lacey Herring and quarterbacks Jordan Washington and Corey Randle.

Last week against Westover, both the Golden Tornadoes and Patriots played lights out defense. However, it was Jordan Washington who scored the first touchdown of the game in the third quarter. Their second TD was thrown a few possessions later by Corey Randle.

Coming into his second season as Monroe’s head coach, Herring says that this tag team began this summer.

“This offseason we were in a quarterback battle. Corey throws a very nice ball, one of the most accurate passers i’ve had. Jordan Washington his extremely smart. So we were kind of in a quarterback battle to where I literally just could not decide who I wanted to start!” says Herring.

Both quarterbacks see the field on Friday’s, but Randle was able to get more reps this summer due to Washington suffering an injury. So ultimately, Corey was essentially the primary QB for the Golden Tornadoes.

“I told them ‘hey look, I’m going to play both of you. Both of you are really good and you both deserve to play.”

Herring explained he compares Corey and Jordan to Time Tebow and Chris Leak during their time at the University of Florida when they played under Urban Meyer.

“I told them, Corey, you’re like Chris Leak and Jordan, you’re like Tim Tebow. People are going to know what’s happening when you come in, but we despise schemes around it to where people can’t read or know exactly what we’re doing.”

Although Corey’s passing ability is scary accurate majority of the time, Coach Herring says his running ability was a shock to him as well.

“Corey surprised me with how well he runs the ball also. He is deceptively fast.”

Herring’s statement is nothing short of true. In their last game against Westover, Corey rushed for over 100 yards, which Coach says is typically Jordan’s department.

At the same time, Jordan had some big runs, bringing in major yardage and first downs. He is quick on his feet and strong when taking hits.

Both players are quarterbacks who are definitely not afraid to get hit, or find a gap in the field, take it, and literally “run” with it.

“These guys are both phenomenal athletes” Herring says. “The thing that’s good and bad is that they’re a year apart. Corey is a junior and Jordan is a sophomore. So we have two more years with Corey and three with Jordan. So it’s a good problem to have.”

Regarding to Monroe’s upcoming game against Randolph Clay, Coach Herring says securing the win will come down to execution.

“We have to execute. If we execute we’ll be fine. Biggest thing is, we got to make blocks. I tell my receivers all the time ‘no block, no rock’ even though we’re an air raid team, if you don’t block, you’re not going to get thrown the ball.” Herring says.

As far as defense,

“Our defense has been playing really well. So we just need to keep up the good work, refrain from missing tackles and making sure to stay physical. I tell them to never stop competing until the final whistle blows, no matter the score. So if the team keeps that mindset and gives their best effort, we will succeed.”