Albany Baptist Ministers Conference hosts MLK events over weekend

ALBANY, Ga. – The Albany Baptist Minister’s Conference held their first annual MLK parade downtown over the weekend, but the turnout wasn’t what they expected. People either had the times mixed up or didn’t know about the parade at all,some are now hoping for a better turnout next year. But the same can’t be said for the organization’s annual MLK banquet held Sunday evening.

“Great to be in Albany, Georgia.” said Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Sen. Warnock was this year’s keynote speaker, during his speech the reverend turned politician talked on equity and intergrity, while also taking a quick jab at his former GOP challenger.

“Nowadays you can get elected to congress and your resume is a whole lie, crooked places.” said Warnock. “They tried to make that happen in Georgia, but I press on, crooked places.”

Warnock says a new vision is needed due to “division stirring our vision.”

“We need to close the broadening (inaudible) between the haves and the have nots. Wasn’t that Dr. King last great push, his last great push was the poor people’s campaign.” said Sen. Warnock.

On March 28, 1968 Dr. King went to Memphis, Tennessee to aid black sanitation workers in fighting for union rights, following the death of two sanitation workers who were crushed to death

“Echol Cole and Robert Walker who were literally crushed in the machinery of their trucks trying to find shelter from the rain, and why were they crushed by the machinery of their trucks, because they could not ride in the cab of the truck in 1968, 4 years after the passing of the civil rights bill.” Warnock said.

Now more than 5 decades later, Sen. Warnock says just like those sanitation workers, impoverished people are still being crushed.

“…by the machinery of institutions that in the words of Dr. King “thingify” people. Turn them into things.” said Warnock.