Election Protection Coalition say operations need to go smoother for runoffs

ALBANY, Ga. – Election Day is behind us but runoffs are just around the corner. and a local election protection coalition is hoping some issues they saw on Election Day get fixed to help the runoff elections go smoother. 

“We see you, you matter and we know that you’re going to come back out even if some people including in the elections office think that people don’t vote because they don’t care, we know that you care and that you’re going to vote,” says Amna Farooqi with the Election Protection Coalition.

A local election protection coalition formed in Dougherty County says Election Day was a success despite a number of issues they claim to have seen on that day.

“We saw machine glitches saying that people had already voted when they had not, we saw poll managers and workers giving false information because of poor training or because they were not equipped to troubleshoot issues with the machines, we saw poor lighting in another precinct and social distancing wasn’t enforced.”

Another member of the coalition, Demetrius Young, said, “There should not be one voter that gets turned around from the polls based on something that’s not their fault, that’s what we were dealing with on Election Day.”

And they’re working to make sure these issues do not come up again for the upcoming runoffs.

“We are going to continue fighting for a better training process – for a debriefing process – because our understanding is as of now poll workers and managers have not even debriefed what happened on Election Day, and for a fairer election process on January 5 and beyond because we do this work year round and not just during elections,” says Farooqi.

The coalition hopes to meet with the Board of Elections to discuss the boards plan of action for the upcoming January 5 runoffs Friday at 4 p.m. at the Government Center in Downtown Albany.