CCPS students earn top honor at GMA

CORDELE, Ga. — Seven third graders from Crisp County Primary School recently won Best Picture for their short film submission for the Georgia Movie Academy.

Students participating in the school’s GMA team were Matthew Before, Riley Harper, Jordyn Oliver, Bianca Porter, Alaila Lane, Heidi Yawn and Lee Bradley.

The GMA is a digital storytelling competition and students are given a theme to follow for their three minute video. The competition is designed to recognize student work in video production and story telling. The CCPS team Best Picture out of the 3-5 grade category, the best out of 20 schools.

The film, entitled “What I’ll Never Be,” follows a young girl as she inspires two of her classmates, as well as, as homeless man she sees on her way to school every day.

Edward Sutton Jr., who teaches Media Activity at the school also coached the team.

“When you think about the children, when they come into the world they are really a blank slate,” he said. “They have no preconceived notions of prejudice or any of those things. They learn those things as they grow up, unfortunately. So to be able to capture some of that innocence and that pure goodness in them and use that to inspire others, was the motivation behind the film,”

Second Grade Parapro Conte Burks portrayed the homeless man in the film. He said the film’s message is very important and everyone should do what they can to inspire others. He said filming some of the scenes was pretty emotional.

“It made me kinda feel warm inside, when she grabbed my hand it made me feel pretty good. That was one of my favorite scenes,” said Burks.

The kids said the win made them feel very good and they were excited. One student said it made him feel good to know their video might inspire someone else.