Albany’s X Boys have sights set on a location for new boarding school

ALBANY, Ga. – This building might not look like much now, but Albany’s The X for Boys have their hearts set on it so that they can open up a boarding school.

New Boarding School

Inside of potential boarding school

“This is us unveiling our location for our new boarding school,” says organization founder King Randall, “And while we’re here we’re actually having a workshop for our boys, we’re teaching them how to change oil and how to change brakes.”


King Randall

The organization, The X for Boys, is an Albany-based youth group that takes young boys out of the streets and gets them under cars, getting their hands dirty learning how to do various things in hopes of “making men” out of the group of boys.

Boys Under Cars

“It gets us out of those environments where we can be putting ourselves in bed situations,” says X Boy Que’lahn Randall, “It gets us out here to learn stuff and to be more occupied with things other than gun violence or being in the streets. This organization puts us in better positions for ourselves and our lives and for others because if we can help others get off the streets they’ll be great as well.”


Que’lahn Randall

Since January of this year, the boys have been hard at work, trying to raise funds to open up an all boys boarding school.


Monquavious Hope

“I always wanted to go to a school full of just boys so that I could feel comfortable around the people I know, this is amazing,” says X Boy Monquavious Hope.

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Source: X for Boys Facebook

The organization has gotten national attention, even getting an invite to visit the White House, and they say that the recognition has boosted their donations but that they still need more to see their dream become a reality. Right now, the organization has over $60,000 in donations but are hoping to garner a total of $250,000 for the boarding school. People can donate here.

“It’s been overwhelming support,” says King Randall, “The time it’s taken for us to get here has been so fast because of the support so it’s really a blessing for me and the children because we’re all ready to get in our building and get the school rolling.”