Albany woman feeding homeless and food insecure and giving faith

(ALBANY, Ga)- Dozens of people are coming together for lunch at Tift Park in Albany throughout the week.

It’s all because of Amanda Griffin, the founder of the Love and Loaves Mission who spends up to 13 hours a day to make sure those who are food insecure can be fed.

Griffin tells us, “”For one of these 40, it might be the only meal they receive for the day. And it also may be that they don’t need the food, they need the love, and the spiritual encouragement that we give them here on a daily basis.”

The Love and Loaves mission started in January, and since then, five days a week, she’s been giving back to the community, with a little faith as well.

But the mission of Love and Loaves isn’t just to make sure people are being fed or have a prayer, but as Griffin says, so they have someone thinking of them.

“Several times they’ve told me that they feel forgotten, and no one should ever feel forgotten,” says Griffin.

The people who depend on the food Griffin provides understand how important this program is.

Julia Graves used to be homeless, and knows what a friendly face can mean to a person.

She says, “There’s been many times that, just seeing that smiling face from Amanda coming in makes our day. It makes us want to do better and go forward.”

While Monroe Davis, who is food insecure tells us, “They don’t have enough places for people to eat, especially peoiple with low income, homeless, or down on their luck. We need more places like this.”

For those interested in volunteering our donating to Love and Loaves, you find more information on their Facebook page at or contact Amanda Griffin at