Albany Technical College adds Fire and EMS degrees

(ALBANY, Ga)- For those looking for careers in fire or Emergency Medical Services, Albany Technical College is going to see a new program starting shortly.

It’s the Fire and EMS Services Occupation Associate of Applied Sciences Degree.

Albany Technical College Fire Sciences Instructor, Frank Flanigan tells us, “When you’re employed for promotional steps, you have to have a degree. Well this provides all three. It provides, Fire, EMS, and a degree.”

Starting this Fall, a five term course which will help students get fast tracked to careers in fire and EMS

As Flanigan told us during a ride-along in one of the college’s fire trucks, it makes those in the program more marketable.

“You’ll always have a job driving an ambulance. You’ll always have a job being a firefighter. But now you have a better opportunity to have a job on both sides,” says Flanigan.

Some of the students already working towards becoming paramedics told us about how important this program will be in making sure there are first responders ready in the event of an emergency.

Taylor Watson is in the paramedic program at Albany Technical College. She says, “In the event where EMS is short staffed, and first responders being short staffed in general, I guess you can say we have a better helping hand. Especially in the event where we have calls where the fire department is closer and EMS is further away.”

While Cody Bruer who’s in the same program says, “It truly benefits the public that the more you can do as pone person, the better outcome it is for your patients.”

According to albany technical college, the number of EMT’s will grow by 15 percent in the next 10 years.