Young anchors report the news


CORDELE, Ga. — Livey Hamilton, McKenzie Johnson and Stephon Robinson may not look like your typical news team you see on your TV every day, but these pint-sized anchors have a lot to say.

They are part of the Cougar Cub News at Crisp County Primary School. Three students are chosen each day to anchor the school news that is broadcast each morning for their classmates. They talk about a variety of topics. Hamilton said she enjoys announcing the school birthdays and Johnson enjoys reporting the day’s weather. Robinson said he loves to announce what’s for lunch and admitted surprisingly one of his school favorites is the green beans.

Media Specialist Kindal Smith produces Cougar Cub News and she says the kids enjoy being in front of the camera. She said it is also a good opportunity for them to learn something while having fun in the process.

“I talk to them about how the camera works and I show them some film clips after they are finish,” she said.  “They always like to know how they sound and look on the screen. I also show them IMovie, which is the program I use to edit. I also explain to them it is ok to mess up cause I can edit it. If I have time I show them how I split the clip and edit out parts they miss up on. I try not to make them feel bad if they mess up and think they have to start over again because they don’t.”

The future of broadcasting will surely be in good hands with these future journalists.

NOTE: The intro clip for Cougar Cub News was courtesy of Kindal Smith.