‘This is your moment’: Chief Justice John Roberts delivers remarks to son’s graduating high school class

Chief Justice John Roberts dedicated remarks to his son’s graduating high school class to Covid-19, telling the seniors that the coronavirus pandemic “has pierced our illusion of certainty and control.”

The taped speech for the Westminster School’s graduation was posted online by the Simsbury, Connecticut, school Saturday morning.

Roberts told his son’s graduating class that “the pandemic has or will affect practically everyone in the world in one way or another.” And the Supreme Court justice urged the seniors to show compassion, not only for the sick and dying, but others who may suffer for a long time. “Those who have lost jobs or small businesses, whose hopes and dreams may be slowly drifting out of reach,” he said.

Roberts cautioned the seniors that moving forward they may meet people who “bear scars you may not see.” He told them to practice humility, and added that the “pandemic should teach us at least that.”

His comments touched on lighter subjects as well.

He said he’d been asked whether during two weeks of unprecedented hearings conducted over the phone the justices wore robes.

“I didn’t know if the person was asking: judicial or bath,” he joked.

Roberts also said that although their graduation ceremony was being conducted remotely, the class had “the luxury of fast forward buttons right in front of you.”

He noted that the graduating class has been thrust into a “jarring an unexpected world,” but he told the seniors he was confident in their success. “This is your moment,” Roberts said.