Students tour Vienna City Hall

VIENNA, Ga. — It’s Georgia Cities Week across the state and the City of Vienna mayor and staff welcomed some special visitors to city hall.

Around 20 fifth graders from Dooly County Elementary School got the opportunity to take a tour of city hall and meet the staff and learn a little bit about their jobs with the city.

The staff interacted with students and treated them to some goodies as they toured the facility.

Janet Joiner, who serves as community development director for the city led the tour.

“We are celebrating Georgia Cities Week and that is the time when cities all across the state, I think there’s about 538 cities in Georgia, and most of them will be celebrating Georgia Cities Week this week,” said Joiner. “This year’s theme is True Colors and so today we are going to show our true colors to some fifth grade students. They are coming to City Hall in just a few minutes we will be giving them a tour of city hall of what everybody does here.”

After students toured inside city hall they got the chance to talk with members of the Police and Fire Department and Animal Control, as well as the City Public Works Department. They got to see some of the equipment used by those departments on the job.

Later in the tour students got to meet the mayor and members of the city council and learn about how they make decisions for the city. Afterward, the council opened the floor for any questions the students might have had.

Joiner said she hopes the tour will inspire young people to grow up and become productive and involved members of the community.