Seniors take center stage Albany State University



More than a dozen Georgia senior citizens got ready to model at Albany State University Saturday.

It’s part of Another Tut Productions annual Seniors On The Runway show.

Seniors on the Runway Director Callie Evans says, “We decided to work with seniors ages 55 and up, and this is our 4th year in Albany.”

All models in the show are over the age of 55, and the ones we spoke to are always excited to model as they’ve gotten older.”

Iris Hawthorne, 59, says, “I’m just grateful to be here to do it. And just enjoying being over 55 knowing that someone believes in me in order to be a model, and a role model.”

Mary Ella Montgomery, 72, tells us, “You still have to stay in good shape. It’s a lot of fun, and you get to meet a lot of people which I like.”

It goes to show that elderly citizens don’t have to be typecast by their age.

“They can do more than just babysitting, and staying at home. We want to give seniors an opportunity outside of just babysitting,” says Director Evans.

For some of the models, they have the itch to keep modeling after Seniors On The Runway.

Iris Williams, 74 tells us, “After the first time, they’re gonna be addicted to this. They’ll want to go and model again and again.”

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