Re-enactment held in honor of Memorial Day

CORDELE, Ga. — As a Memorial Day tribute to those who have bravely served the country a Civil War Reenactment was held Georgia Veterans State Park.

Mike Murdock, Park Resource Manager coordinated and participated in the event.

“We are honoring Georgia Veterans, those past and present,” said Murdock.

Col. Ken Kirk, retired veteran and commander of the Georgia State Defense Force 3rd Brigade helped coordinate the event. He provided the uniforms and artillery used by the soldiers.

Col. Kirk also gave a presentation to the crowd, talking about military life during the time of the Civil War.

“Any troops that knew how to do what you saw out here, particularly the drill in the State of Georgia at the beginning of the war between the states were the Georgia Military Institute Cadets from Marietta,” he said.

Among the soldiers was Kellen Evans, a JROTC cadet from Worth County High School. Evans and his twin brother graduated Saturday morning before participating in the reenactment. Evans said it is his opportunity to honor Generations of Veterans from his own family.

“Well Memorial Day is very important to me,” said Evans. “Because I come from a long lineage of veterans in my family. It is a good way to give back to my community and honor my family.”

Those visiting the camp got an opportunity to see what life was like during that time period. Soldiers gave young patrons a look at the proper way to hold their weapons, as well as, some drill and ceremony. Kids also got an opportunity to make a craft popular during the 1860’s when there was no technology or fancy toys.

Murdock also prepared some camp-style foods for visitors to sample such as Colonel Sanderson’s Stew and a Tomato Pie with an unusual twist.

“Not a single apple, but it tastes just like apple pie. Just like grandma used to make,” He said.