Joe Jonas and other stars were excited about ‘Game of Thrones’ return too

You weren’t the only one amped that winter is finally here.

A few celebs took to social media Sunday to get in on the “OMG ‘GoT’ is back” excitement.

Joe Jonas had a special reason to resurrect his Sansa Stark costume from Halloween — his bride-to-be, Sophie Turner, portrays the character.

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The singer posted video of himself in costume, walking out to the show’s theme song.

“Mood,” he wrote in the caption.

His brother, Kevin Jonas, also had some strong feelings about the return — especially coming after the Masters golf tournament.

“Best day of TV ever MastersSunday into GameOfThornes,” Kevin Jonas tweeted, before posting a pic of himself on the show’s famous throne with the caption, “Trying to keep cool waiting for tonight.”

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That throne was pretty popular.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted a photo of himself on the throne as well, looking quite the king with the caption, “On my pointy couch, ready for tonight…”

Turner gave followers a little behind the scenes action.

She posted a photo of herself looking quite knocked out.

“In honour of the final season of Thrones premiering tonight,” the actress wrote. “Here’s a picture of me asleep on set.”

There’s tons of secrecy surrounding this eighth and final season of HBO’s hit show and Zach Braff had some fun with that.

He posted a photo of himself with actor Kit Harington, who portrays one of the main characters, Jon Snow.

“He told me everything,” Braff joked in the caption.

And forget about that other big event over the weekend.

Singer Charli XCX tweeted she chose “GoT” over Coachella.

“There was absolutely no way i could have possibly even entertained the idea of going to Coachella this year as i knew i’d have to spend the entire weekend physically, mentally, and emotionally preparing for game of thrones,” she wrote. “That’s just the way it had to be tbh.”