Governor Kemp signs Medical Marijuana Bill

Courtesy of Facebook: Governor Brian Kemp

(ATLANTA, Ga)- In front of a pack, ed house, Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp signed a bill allowing medicinal marijuana oil to be sold to registered patients.

House Bill 324, known as Georgia’s Hope Act, passed in March, and permits growth and distribution in Georgia.

“When real people, with real struggles share they’re all too real stories of pain and heartache, it brings our job to find real solutions and real relief to the forefront,” says Kemp.

Governor Kemp says the bill will expand the access to those who need it, while not allowing recreational use of marijuana.

The state of Georgia allowed patients who suffer from seizures, and advanced forms of cancer the use of cannabis oil in 2015, but was still illegal to purchase anything containing THC.

Governor Kemp closed off the signing by saying the families can, “…focus on what matters. The health and future of their loved ones.”