Dougherty Co. Law Enforcement raise money for Special Olympics

(ALBANY, Ga)- If you’re driving on Slappey Boulevard this weekend, you might see a few of Dougherty County’s finest taking donations.

The Dougherty County Police Department, Albany Police Department, and Dougherty County Sheriff’s Department are raising money to help those competing in the Georgia Special Olympics.

Dougherty County’s Chief Jailer, John Ostrander says, “We’ve partnered with Special Olympics to raise funds for the special athletes. We’ve been doing it every year for the last 17 years.”

Throughout the weekend, officers will be outside of the Slappey Boulevard Krispy Kreme with all proceeds going towards getting athletes to the Special Olympics in Atlanta later this Summer.

With Dougherty County often being one of the best fund-raisers in the state of Georgia.

In 2018, they raised over $14,000.

“Agencies all across the state, are working to raise money for these special athletes, but here in Dougherty County, the Albany Police, Dougherty Police and Sheriff’s Department combined, are one of the top fundraising engines in the state of Georgia,” says Ostrander.

The fundraising is worth it in the end when law enforcement gets to see those special athletes make it to Atlanta.

Ostrander tells us, “This is so important for the special athletes and their families who wouldn’t get a chance to compete if they had to find it themselves. So this gives us an opportunity, to help them to pay for their travel, their hotels, and their meals while they go to the Summer Games in Atlanta.”

Law enforcement will be on Slappey Boulevard collecting donations until 10 P.M. Friday night and all day Saturday.