We are South Georgia Television, created by the combination of two great local stations WSST and WSWG.  Each station has its own rich history, but combined, we deliver more TV programming than any one station can provide.  Not only are we your CBS affiliate, but we are your affiliate for the My Network and Me TV.  CBS is America’s #1 network;  the My Network brings you the best in syndicated programming; and Me TV brings you the most beloved family friendly classic programming of all time.  In addition, WSST brings you the best in community television as well as more syndicated programming.

We are carried on all the major cable and satellite systems.  Our combined signal reaches from Warner Robbins in the north to the Florida border.

Our employees are proud residents of South Georgia.  Many of us have been here all our lives.  We are your neighbors and we are delighted to deliver unmatched programming to our viewers and unique exposure for our advertisers.

This was all made possible by Marquee Broadcasting, our owners.  The company is a small family-owned company that believes, in this age of corporate consolidation, that local news and local service still matters.   It has invested heavily in stations it has acquired in Salisbury, MD; Atlanta; Bowling Green, KY; and now both of our stations in the Albany market.  Watch us grow and join us in our journey to prove that Local Matters.